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PUBLICATIONS Inside Illinois Vol. 23, No. 9, Nov. 6, 2003

One hundred thirty-four faculty members and academic professionals retire

Between Sept. 1, 2002, and Aug. 31, 2003, 134 faculty members and academic professionals retired from the UI, according to the Office of Academic Human Resources. The retirees, their positions, units and years of service:

ACES Information Technology and Communication Services
James C. Butler, media communication specialist, 8.

Admissions and Records
Lydia C. Salonga, assistant director, 33.

Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Sara U. Douglas, associate professor, 28.
Burton E. Swanson, professor, 28.

Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences administration
William T. McNamara, director, ACES Human Resources-Civil Service Staff, 36.
Steven T. Sonka, professor and director of the National Soybean Research Lboratory, 28.

Animal Biology
Edward H. Brown, associate professor and associate director for academic affairs, 38.

Animal Sciences
Jimmy H. Clark, professor of nutrition, 35.
Gilbert R. Hollis, professor, 26.
Gene C. McCoy, research animal scientist, 24.

Linda K. Klepinger, professor, 31.
Norman E. Whitten, professor, curator at Spurlock Museum, and director of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, 33.

Richard J. Betts, associate professor, 30.
Carolyn Dry, professor, 20.
James P. Warfield, professor, 31.

Art and Design
Leo V. Grucza, professor of art, 38.
Dennis M. Rowan, professor of art, 41.

James B. Kaler, professor and Campus Honors Faculty, 39.

Athletics, Intercollegiate
Rodney A. Cardinal, lecturer and associate athletic trainer, 30.
Gary R. Wieneke, head varsity coach-men’s track, 36.

Atmospheric Sciences
John E. Walsh, professor, 29.

Basic Sciences
George W. Ordal, professor of biochemistry, 30.

Business and Financial Services Office
Marilou Landes, senior research programmer, Purchasing, 30.
Kathleen A. McKenzie, assistant director of purchases, Purchasing, 34.
Gary N. Brinkley, director of business systems analysis, 33.

Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES)
Stanley P. Kerr, senior research programmer, 34.
Robert J. Penka, associate director, 38.

Career Services Center
David Bechtel, director, 34.(See feature.)

Chancellor, Office of the
Michael T. Aiken, chancellor emeritus, 10.

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Anthony J. McHugh, J.W. Westwater professor, 24.

Chemical Sciences, School of
Bruce J. Williams, research engineer, 30.

Steven S. Zumdahl, associate head, professor and director of General Chemistry Program, 25.

Civil and Environmental Engineering
James E. Beavers, deputy director of the Mid-America Earthquake Center, visiting associate director of external affairs, 5.
Michael I. Darter, adjunct professor, 30.
William L. Gamble, professor, 40.

Gerald M. Browne, professor, 29.
Howard Jacobson, professor, 35.

Communications administration
Kim B. Rotzoll, dean and professor, 32.

Richard J. Arnould, professor, 36. (See feature.)
Wayne J. Shafer, professor, 13.

Education administration
Catherine O. Thurston, assistant professor and director of the Office of Educational Technology, 16.(See feature.)

Educational Psychology
George W. McConkie, professor and professor, Beckman Institute, 25.
James L. Waldrop, associate professor, 36.

Engineering administration
Sara Chilton, director of development, 18.
Harry G. Wenzel, professor and assistant dean, 39.

Robert L. Carringer, professor of English and of cinema studies, 35.
Anthony D. Kaufman, associate professor, Campus Honors faculty member and associate head, 36.
Michael Shapiro, acting director of the Jewish Studies Program, professor and Campus Honors faculty member, 36.

Peter F. Colwell, professor, 26.
Morgan J. Lynge, professor, 28.

Fire Service Institute
Terry M. Sutphen, associate fire services education specialist, program director and homeland security specialist, 22.

Edwin Jahiel, professor of French and of cinema studies, 47.
Emile J. Talbot, professor, 36.

John A. Jakle, professor, 36.
Donald L. Johnson, professor, 33.

Daniel B. Blake, professor and curator, 36.

Germanic Languages and Literature
U.H. Gerlach, head and professor of German, 35.

Joseph L. Love, professor, 37.

Human and Community Development
Andrew J. Sofranko, professor of human and community development and of rural sociology, 33.

Illini Union
Susan Maul, director, 31.

Integrative Biology, School of
Claudia A. Washburn, academic hourly, 10.

Internal Medicine
Marcia K. Chicoine, coordinator, Internal Medicine Residency Program, 8.

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
Susan S. McDonald, associate director and assistant professor, 26.
Bozorgmanesh M. Rassi, assistant manager, Costume Shop, 21.

Landscape Architecture
Jerrold Soesbe, visiting instructor and director, Robert Allerton Park and Conference Center, 12.

Language Learning Lab
Robert S. Hart, assistant professor and associate director, 37.

O.F. Harris, professor, 16.

Liberal Arts and Sciences administration
Jo Ann F. Hodges, assistant dean and director, Academic Assistance Program, 31.
Diana N. Johnson, project coordinator, 18.
David C. Shoemaker, director of budget and resource planning, 33.

Shyamala Balgopal, reference librarian, research associate and assistant professor of library administration, 24.
Carol B. Penka, assistant reference librarian, assistant professor of library administration, and visiting assistant undergraduate librarian, 35.

Materials Research Lab
Judith E. Baker, senior research chemist, 36.

Materials Science and Engineering
Gert Ehrlich, professor and research professor, 35.
Richard J. Gaylord, professor, 29.

Paul M. Weichsel, professor and associate chair, 41.

McKinley Health Center
George W. Brock, pharmacy practitioner, 11.

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Clark W. Bullard, professor of mechanical engineering, 37.
John W. Nowak, adjunct professor and director of the Institute for Competitive Manufacturing, 20.

Medical Information Sciences
Rebecca J. Gallivan, assistant to the director of Electron Spin Resonance Center, 15.

Molecular and Integrative Physiology
Sandy I. Helman, professor, 31.

Mortenson Center for International Library Programs
Marianna T. Choldin, adjunct professor and Mortenson Distinquished Professor of International Library Programs, 34.

William F. Brooks, associate professor, 17.
Nicholas Divirgilio, professor, 27.

National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Barbara Kucera, senior project coordinator, 9.
Mary B. Walker, associate director (Education, Outreach and Training), 7.
Mark F. Washburn, assistant director for operations, 18.

Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Charles W. Boast, professor of soil physics, 33.
Richard A. Larson, professor, 24.
Gary L. Rolfe, professor, 35.

Planning, Construction and Maintenance administration
Roland R. Kehe, associate director, 22.

Wright Neely, associate professor of philosophy and of criticism and interpretive theory, 38.

Political Science
Robert Weissberg, professor, 28.
George T. Yu, professor and director of the East Asian Center, 38.

Inayat M. Alikhan, clinical instructor, 9.
John A. Gergen, associate professor and Beckman Institute Affiliate, 17.

Michael Gabriel, professor and Beckman Institute professor, 21.

Slavic Languages and Literature
Evelyn C. Bristol, professor of Russian, 38.

Social Work, School of
Anthony P. Halter, associate professor, 16.

State Natural History Survey
Katherine J. Hunter, associate technical scientist, 27.
William G. Ruesink, professional scientist and assistant dean, ACES, 31.

State Water Survey
Susan R. Bachman, professional scientist, 32.
Kenneth V. Beard, professor of atmospheric sciences and principal scientist, 29.
Mary J. Dennison, supportive scientist, 28.
Gregory L. Dzurisin, assistant professional scientist, 29.
Harry T. Ochs, research professor of atmospheric sciences and principal scientist, 36.

Student Financial Aid Office
Anna Mary Hays, assistant director, 21.

Kenneth P. Depersio, clinical assistant professor, 17.
Ira M. Lebenson, clinical assistant professor, 30.

UI Extension
Nannette C. Armstrong, unit leader III, 15.
James J. Betustak, unit leader II, 11.
Michael G. Bossert, adviser, Farm Business Farm Management, 21.
Robert J. Curry, unit leader II, 19
Herbert R. Fruhwirth, unit leader II, 26
Robert D. Kiesecoms, adviser, Farm Business Farm Management, 33.
Charles D. Leeper, unit leader II, 30.
Sandra L. Lignell, educator III, youth development, 28.
Ann M. Marshall, educator III, family life, 24
Alice K. Mayberry, educator III, family life, 22.
Janice A. Seitz, assistant dean and Extension specialist, 18.
Janice S. Threw, unit educator I, family and consumer economics, 4.
J.C. Van Es, professor of rural sociology, assistant dean and program coordinator, 35.
Judith A. Winters, unit educator I, youth development, and unit leader I, 31.

Denton R. Brown, assistant project manager, Business and Financial Team, 11.
Charles J. Seal, senior research programmer, Project Office, 22.

University Laboratory High School
Rosemary M. Laughlin, teaching associate, 17.

University Press
Katherine K. Dressel, marketing director, 9.
Judith M. McCulloh, assistant director for development, 33.
Mary Lou Menches, assistant director, 22.
Jane E. Mohraz, associate editor, 15.

Veterinary Medicine administration
Terrance W. Rathgeber, associate dean of development and alumni affairs, 32.

Veterinary Biosciences
Walter C. Crackel, nuclear medical specialist, 39.
David E. Kuehl, veterinary research specialist, 29.

Vice President for Administration, Office of
Robert K. Todd, associate vice president for administration and human resources, 27.

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