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PUBLICATIONS Inside Illinois Vol. 21, No. 15, March 7, 2002

achieve ments
A report on honors, awards, offices and other outstanding achievements of faculty and staff members.

agriculture, consumer and environmental sciences
Todd Gleason, a media communications specialist for ACES Information Technology Communication Services who produces the "Illini Farm Report" for radio and television, received the Illinois Corn Growers Association’s Excellence in Broadcast Media Award for telling the story of agriculture for 12 years.

"Todd is best known for his ability to put his listeners right in the middle of a story. He engages the public in a way that makes them appreciate how what goes on in agriculture affects them personally," said Ron Fitchhorn, the association’s president. "The pride he takes in his work is evident, whether he is capturing the human element of a farm foreclosure or covering a visit by a head of state."

applied life sciences
Chrisann Schiro-Geist, professor of community health, was presented with the W.F. Faulkes Award for professional or technical achievement in the field of rehabilitation at the National Rehabilitation Association’s annual training conference in November in Biloxi, Miss. Schiro-Geist has spent 25 years promoting distance education for rehabilitation professionals nationally and internationally, and her efforts continue to enhance rehabilitation both in the United States and elsewhere.

Two film documentaries by Jay Rosenstein, professor of journalism, have been broadcast nationally. Rosenstein wrote, produced, directed and edited "In Whose Honor?" and "Erased." "In Whose Honor?" was licensed to be part of a national series on First People’s TV, which airs on the Worldlink satellite channel. First People’s TV, which will feature 26 award-winning documentaries and dramas focusing on the lives of contemporary Native and Aboriginal people and the issues they face, is to be broadcast at 9 p.m. each Thursday. "Erased" aired on the Independent Film Channel.

Gerald L. Riskowski, professor of agricultural engineering, received the Henry Giese Structures and Environment Award from the American Society of Agricultural Engineers for distinguished achievement in advancing the knowledge and science of agricultural structures and environment through teaching and research of post-frame foundation design and animal ventilation systems. He has been a member of the society for 25 years.

fine and applied arts
R.B. Graves, professor of theater, received the Korean Literature Translation Award, along with his co-translator Ah-jeong Kim, from the South Korean Ministry of Culture’s Korean Literature Translation Institute. The $10,000 award was given for their book, "The Metacultural Theater of Oh T’ae-sok: Five Plays From the Korean Avant-Garde" (University of Hawaii Press, 1999). The award cited both the fidelity to the "Koreanness" of the dramas as well as their beauty and theatricality in English. A production of one of the play translations was performed last year by the theater department at the University of California at Los Angeles.

liberal arts and sciences
Brenda Krause Eheart, a research specialist in behavioral science and social policy at the Institute of Government and Public Affairs, was among a group of people honored as heroes by People magazine during a lunch in New York City in December.

Eheart, also a professor of women’s studies, was the subject of a feature article in the magazine during the fall as part of People’s "Heroes Among Us" series.

Eheart was instrumental in creating the Hope Meadows foster-care project in Rantoul at the site of the former Chanute Air Force training base. The project, which pairs foster children with retirees and grandparents, won plaudits from President Bill Clinton and talk-show host Oprah Winfrey.

Hans Henrich Hock, professor of linguistics, of the classics and of English as an international language and director of the South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies program, was appointed to the Committee on Honorary Members of the Linguistic Society of America for a three-year term beginning in January 2002.

library and information science

Boyd Rayward, professor of library and information science, was elected a personal member of the Union of International Associations in October. The union, located in Brussels, is a non-profit clearinghouse for information on more than 40,000 international organizations and constituencies. It has been a pioneer in the provision of information on international organizations and their global challenge since its foundation in 1910.

The union’s 250 members are elected on the basis of their interest and activity in international organizations. Rayward’s election results from the reputation of his studies since the 1970s on the internationalization of bibliography and documentation and on his work on Paul Otlet, one of the co-founders of the union.

veterinary medicine
Peter Bahnson, professor of veterinary pathobiology, was invited to give a lecture on Salmonella epidemiology and control in pork at the fourth International Symposium on the Epidemiology and Control of Salmonella and Other Foodborne Pathogens in Pork, in Leipzig, Germany, in September.

Gordon Baker, professor of veterinary clinical medicine, was invited to speak at the Swiss seventh Congress of Equine Medicine and Surgery in Geneva in December.

Roberto Docampo, professor of veterinary pathobiology, received a $5,000 Burroughs Wellcome Fund Visiting Professorship in Microbiological Sciences Award to visit Lehman College, City University of New York, in April.

He was invited to serve as a member of a Special Emphasis Panel of the National Institutes of Health to review applications for the Tropical Medicine Research Centers. He also was invited to serve as a peer review panel member for the FY03 intramural Military Infectious Diseases Research Program.


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