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New synthetic tumor environments makes cancer research more realistic

Chancellor's Scholars named to campus honors program

Krannert Art Museum features solo show of Chicago-based sculptor

May 2015 graduates, Dean's List and Bronze Tablet honorees named

Illini Gadget Garage will provide a space to repair electronics on campus

Study links physical activity to greater mental flexibility in older adults

Local development often at odds with regional land use plans, experts say

Japan House to host Matsuri Festival to celebrate Japanese culture

New art exhibitions at Krannert Art Museum open Aug. 27

The nonagenarian athlete: Researchers study Olga Kotelko's brain

Legacy of Katrina, 10 years later: More citizen involvement in decision-making, says U. of I. urban planner Robert Olshansky

Study links cardiorespiratory fitness, thinner gray matter and better math skills in kids

Study: Sequential voting in presidential primaries best system to winnow candidates

Simple intervention can moderate anti-vaccination beliefs, study finds


Parents' health literacy affects child weight-loss tactics, study finds

Chill-tolerant hybrid sugarcane also grows at lower temperatures, team finds

U. of I. scholars awarded fellowships from American Council of Learned Societies

Women's sexual risk-taking in tourism focus of new study

Mowing dry detention basins makes mosquito problems worse, team finds

Annual STEM conference for new teachers expands to include the arts

Yeast byproduct inhibits white-nose syndrome fungus in lab experiments

Massive study: Birth order has no meaningful effect on personality or IQ

Dads' parenting of children with autism improves moms' mental health

Five U. of I. graduate students earn National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships

Access to big data crucial for credibility of computational research findings, says U. of I. library and information science professor

U. of I. students taking part in Fulbright summer study program in the UK

Study: Learning categorial information gives children a feeling of déjà vu

Genomics among the biggest of Big Data, experts say

Vikram Amar, noted constitutional law scholar, named dean of U. of I. College of Law

New book offers look inside Teach for America

Study: Restaurant meals can be as bad for your waistline as fast food is

What's in the landscape? Plants can alter West Nile virus risk

African dance expert uses dance technique to tell the stories of African-American men


Paper: New theory for prosecuting war crimes could lead to greater accountability, reparations

Chodzko-Zajko named Illinois Graduate College dean

U. of I. finance professor Jeffrey R. Brown named dean of College of Business

Study: Groundwater from aquifers important factor in food security

$10 million Jump Simulation Center coming to new College of Medicine, a partnership of Carle Health System and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Freedom Writer to speak at annual new teacher conference

New technology looks into the eye and brings cells into focus

Sixteen U. of I. students and recent alumni offered Fulbright grants

Biomedical breakthrough: Carbon nanoparticles you can make at home

Snake fungal disease parallels white-note syndrome in bats

Larry Gray, esteemed bassist and cellist and U. of I. jazz professor, touring with jazz greats

U. of I. art professor curates a Barack Obama Presidential Library by the people

Drug trials in pet dogs with cancer may speed advances in human oncology

Egypt historical study shows 'traditional' marriage more modern than we think

Many older adults going online to discuss, learn about sex

Study: Crop-rotation resistant rootworms have a lot going on in their guts

Book on anti-imperialism in Japan includes first English translation of work by late 19th century Japanese activist

New anti-microbial compounds evade resistance with less toxicity

Genome-editing proteins seek and find with a slide and a hop


Illinois' guaranteed-tuition law making college less affordable

Science historian tells a timely story about Einstein and his most dangerous critic

Mission possible: This device will self-destruct when heated

'Peace Memorial' returns to Lincoln Hall May 28-29

Researchers link dolphin deaths to Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Omega-3 fatty acids enhance cognitive flexibility in at-risk older adults

New mobile app expands the outreach of SAWBO videos

Study: Gene regulation underlies the evolution of social complexity in bees

Trap-jaw ants jump with their jaws to escape the antlion's den

Plant breeder boosts soybean diversity, develops soybean rust-resistant plant

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts announces it 2015-16 season

College readiness declines when school focuses on test scores, study finds

Study: For a competitive edge, keep an eye on your competition's ex-employees

University of Illinois commencement ceremony to take place May 16 at Memorial Stadium

Tiny silicone spheres come out of the mist

Krannert Art Museum to showcase student work

Online MBA degree coming to U. of I.'s College of Business

Goldwater scholarship winners announced by University of Illinois

U. of I. campus to support La Casa mural restoration

Health issues in Africa to be focus of conference

Report details episodes of racial stereotyping in the classroom, offers recommendations to combat it

New Orleans' school reforms harmful to black community, scholars say

Faculty and staff members honored for excellence at Illinois


Report: Brain-injured patients need therapies based on cognitive neuroscience

Six Illinois professors elected to National Academy of Sciences

Gene mapping reveals soy's dynamic, differing roles in breast cancer

400 youth to compete in statewide 4-H Robotics Challenge

To improve diversity in STEM, fix higher education, scholar says

Popular images of journalists have changed little over a century, says a new book

Historian's tale of colonial Illinois about collaboration rather than conquest

Study: This is your teen's brain behind the wheel

Three Illinois professors elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Paper: 'Considerable scope' for improvement in agricultural pollution

Economists: Pros, cons to raising the gas tax in Illinois

ELLNORA Guitar Festival to showcase diverse styles of guitar music

Electronic device performance enhanced with new transistor encasing method

Stephen Peterson of Ithaca College appointed to lead U. of I. bands program

Eight honored with distinguished staff award

The phthalate DEHP undermines female fertility in mice

U. of I. musicians perform on new CD by composer Augusta Read Thomas

BPA exposure in pregnant mice affects fertility in three generations

U. of I. humanities research program announces fellowship awards

Paper: Absence of copyright has its own economic value, social benefits

Two Illinois professors receive 2015 Guggenheim fellowships

Events to celebrate Tennessee Williams' work during 'Not About Nightingales' at Krannert

Study: Amygdala encodes 'cooties' and 'crushes' in the developing brain

Two ancient human fossils from Laos reveal early human diversity

Panel discussions announced for 2015 'Ebertfest,' along with added guest and event

U. of I. music faculty members, students to perform at downtown chamber music festival

Six academic professionals to be honored with CAPE award

How we view Lincoln may say more about us than him, says scholar of photo history

Ultrasonic hammer sets off tiny explosions

Floral designs on display for Krannert Art Museum fundraiser



Program reduces bullying by students with disabilities, study finds

Inaugural poet Richard Blanco to visit campus for book reading

New drug stalls estrogen receptor-positive cancer cells and shrinks tumors

Report: Photosynthesis hack needed to feed the world by 2050

'Ebertfest' lineup includes film about David Foster Wallace, with Jason Segel as guest

New technique paints tissue samples with light

Public employee pensions continue to lose out to gambling giveaways, expert says

U. of I. composition professor receives fellowship from American Academy of Arts and Letters

Study: Economic benefits of medical innovation undervalued

Project to use tablets to screen women for perinatal depression

Philanthropic foundation executive Risa Lavizzo-Mourey to be Commencement speaker

Structural reform litigation an effective tool for curbing police misconduct

Cultivated papaya owes a lot to the ancient Maya, research suggests

Survival gardening education goes global via cellphones

Molecule-making machine simplifies complex chemistry

U. of I., Carle moving forward with the first engineering-based college of medicine

Multimedia show coming to Krannert Center tells story of impact of war on Marines, families

Two Illinois professors elected to American Academy of Microbiology

More older adults from U.S. volunteering in other countries

August and December 2014 graduates, Dean's List honorees named

Paper: Development aid can exacerbate violence in war-torn countries

Female fish that avoid mating with related species also shun some of their own

Symposium looks at music and the Great War


Artist, alumnus William Wegman returns to KAM

Cancer drug first tested in pet dogs begins human trials

Patients with mental illness less likely to receive diet, exercise advice

Three Illinois faculty awarded Sloan Research Fellowships

Long-term nitrogen fertilizer use disrupts plant-microbe mutualisms

Education 'experts' may lack expertise, study finds

New book explores Great Recession's impact on higher education

Animated videos bring Ebola education to West Africa

New source of horror at the Insect Fear Festival: female entomologists

Changes in work, family demands affect body mass index of dual-income earners

Discovery: Tropical fire ants traveled the world on 16th century ships

Institute for Genomic Biology renamed for professor Carl R. Woese

Tax changes loom for state of Illinois ahead of budget address, expert says

'Freedom Sings' event on March 3 to tell the story of free speech through song

Book looks at views of those challenging reading material in schools, libraries

U. of I. architecture school joins new consortium on design and health research

Earth's surprise inside: Geologists unlock mysteries of the planet's inner core

Illinois trailing other states in girls studying science, math

There have been a lot of cats in The New York Times, and not all just for fun

KAM architecture highlights modernist homes, process of fabrication and making

Friend, foe or queen? Study highlights the complexities of ant perception

Professor of piano pedagogy wins national composition award


In Illinois, muskrats and minks harbor toxoplasmosis, a cat disease

U. of I. library system has unique collection of Indian comic books

Expert: Pervasive 'credential creep' bad for health-care practitioners, consumers

Research: Medical malpractice reform does little to contain health care costs

Ads effective even in the midst of multitasking, studies find

Donald Mullally, public radio pioneer, dies at 77

New drug compounds show promise against endometriosis

Research: Tablet computers good medium for ecduational materials

Software teaches computers to translate words to math

Research: 'Organizational forgetting' erodes quality gains in supply chains

Popular anti-bullying program may have mixed results, study finds

Study supports new explanation of gender gaps in academia

New takes on modern design, Wegman's art are highlights at Krannert Art Museum

Ten undergraduates awarded Gilman scholarships to study abroad

Family income, child behavior factors in legal disputes about kids with autism

$2 million Mellon grant to fund three new humanities research groups

Optimistic people have healthier hearts, study finds

Study of ancient dogs in the Americas yields insights into human, dog migration

Muslims and Latinos much more prominent in TV crime news than in real-life crime

Illinois LED pioneers receive Draper Prize

Smokers, the obese, have markedly higher healthcare costs than peers

NSF grant to help with application to teach music theory