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News Bureau signPart of Public Affairs, the News Bureau generates and coordinates news coverage of the Urbana-Champaign campus. The News Bureau evaluates newsworthy information from faculty and staff members for dissemination to the news media and also provides advice to faculty and staff members and students regarding media contacts.

News Bureau writers each have an assigned area of coverage, such as arts, business, humanities and life sciences. Each unit on campus is on the beat of a writer who stays abreast of newsworthy developments and identifies expert university sources with the help of faculty and staff members.

The News Bureau staff comprises people who, by having worked for newspapers and magazines, understand all aspects of media relations and can provide knowledgeable advice based on many years of experience. This enables the News Bureau staff to judge what news organizations are likely to use.

The News Bureau disseminates news and research stories to the news media. The News Bureau also publishes Inside Illinois on the first and third Thursdays for campus staff, and postmarks each semester for the parents of undergraduates.

If you are a member of the media and would like to be included on our mailing lists, call 217-333-1085 or e-mail


Research news is divided into subject areas. Research stories are released as needed.

The Archives carries news releases dating to January 2000.

Publications produced by the News Bureau are the faculty and staff newspaper Inside Illinois, published on the first and third Thursdays, and postmarks, published each semester for the parents of undergraduates. Archival copies of Inside Illinois date back to September 1993.

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UI in the Media is a current listing of citations of faculty and staff members in the media with links to the news stories.

Campus Calendar is a searchable calendar by date or event.

The Editor's Picks column includes releases and stories predominantly pulled from the faculty-staff newspaper.


Members of the media interested in images for publication should contact us at or 217-333-0567.

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