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An employee publication

Inside Illinois is an employee publication of the Urbana-Champaign campus of the University of Illinois. It is published online by the News Bureau of the campus Office of Public Affairs, with a weekly email, highlighting the week's top news, sent to faculty and staff members and other subscribers. (The print version of Inside Illinois was retired in August 2015.)


The new home page of Inside Illinois will premiere around the first of September. (There will be a redirect from the old page, so you'll be able to find us.) Since we are now online, the home page will be updated frequently with fresh news. We will send an email to faculty and staff members weekly (on Thursdays) highlighting some of the top stories and directing them to our home page reminding them that Inside Illinois is their top resource for campus news. We will send an email alert when there is breaking news.


SInce news will be published on the website frequently, and the email will come out weekly on Thursdays, we are forgoing providing a traditional publication schedule. But here are highlights of the schedule and deadlines, you should remember.

Weekly email newsletter:
Faculty and staff members will be automatically subscribed to a weekly email that will highlight the top stories of the week and direct them to our home page. We also will invite others to sign up for our email (alumni, retirees, students or community members). (Subscribe now.)

Brief Notes
The deadlines for Briefs Notes will remain eight days prior to publication (the same as it is now), so please plan ahead so that your announcement will appear in time for your event. Continue to send the items to us on the Wednesday eight days prior to the Thursday when you want your item to appear online. (Include the date you want your item to appear, when you send it to us.)

We hope to give Achievements more prominence in the online version, so please make sure you send us faculty and staff achievements. Same deadline as Briefs, eight days prior to the email.

Items for Brief Notes, Achievments, Deaths, or story ideas may be submitted in writing to

The campus mail address is Inside Illinois, 507 E. Green St., Champaign, MC-428. The fax number is 217- 244-7124. The editor may be reached by calling 217-333-2895.

What if I want to place an ad?

Inside Illinois will continue to sell ads. Online advertising information is available. If you have any questions after reviewing this page, feel free to call (217-333-2895) or e-mail the editor.


Doris K. Dahl,

Items should be submitted to

Assistant Editor
Mike Helenthal,

L. Brian Stauffer,


Agriculture, Applied Health Sciences, Life Sciences
Diana Yates, 217-333-5802

Arts, Humanities
Jodi Heckel, 217-300-2751

Business, Labor, Law
Phil Ciciora, 217-333-2177

Education, Social Work
Sharita Forrest, 217-244-1072

Engineering, Physical Sciences
Liz Ahlberg, 217-244-1073

International Programs, Media, Social Sciences
Craig Chamberlain, 217-333-2894

Public Safety, Student Affairs, Administration,
Mike Helenthal, 217-333-5491


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