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July 17, 2014 (Vol. 34, No. 2)
It takes much more than the stormy weather the area experienced in June to threaten Altgeld Hall, one of the campus's most solid structures. Completed in 1897, Altgeld Hall has withstood the vagaries of Mother Nature for more than a century. The building, the site of the original university library, was designed by professor Nathan Ricker, the first person in the United States to receive an architecture degree (from the U. of I., of course)
Photo courtesy Jennifer Landolfi

Treating TB
Jennifer Landolfi, a veterinary pathologist in the Zoological Pathology Program, led a study of elephant immune responses to infection with the same bacterium that causes TB in humans. Researchers develop new tools to detect and monitor tuberculosis in Asian elephants.
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Phishing scam targets U. of I. community with fake email

Be suspicious. Be very suspicious. Especially if it looks official – bank, credit card company, university human resources – and they’re asking for your personal information. The sender may not be official at all, but rather someone fishing, or “phishing” – attempting to lure you into giving up information that may be used to access your personal accounts.

Easter addresses what U. of I. needs in its next leader

U. of I. President Bob Easter told members of the presidential search committee that the new university leader must have a “presidential personality” capable of serving a long list of constituents with diverse needs.

Hauser to continue to serve as ACES dean

Robert Hauser has agreed to continue serving as the dean of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences through August 2016. 

Witmer named News Bureau director

The U. of I. News Bureau has a new director. Steve Witmer, a former Central Illinois journalist and media relations professional, joined the News Bureau June 23.

New institute funds three interdisciplinary research projects

The Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment has awarded the first round of funding, totaling more than $940,000, for major interdisciplinary research projects at the U. of I.


This is the fourth installment of the Inside Illinois summer series, “Home Away From Home,” which will feature some of the more interestingly decorated offices on campus.


A “laboratory” can be defined across various fields of academic study. No doubt, this photo is not of a typical chemistry or zoology lab, but instead depicts a physical fitness lab for boys during the 1950s. (View the full series.)

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Scientists gear up to fight deadly snake fungal disease

Researchers have developed a faster and more accurate way to test for infection with Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola, a fungus that is killing snakes in the Midwest and eastern United States. The test also allows scientists to monitor the progression of the infection in living snakes.

Shrinky Dinks close the gap for nanowires

How do you put a puzzle together when the pieces are too tiny to pick up? Shrink the distance between them.

Learning to 'just say no' is not a panacea for minorities with alcohol, drug problems

Teaching youth to “just say no” has long been viewed as the first line of defense in the war on drugs. And several studies have provided compelling evidence that refusal skills training, which teaches participants strategies for resisting social pressure, can be successful at preventing youth from trying drugs and alcohol.

Research: Business should embrace 'boomerang employees'

The return of LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers may have riveted the sports world and social media, but the phenomenon of "going home," whether to a geographic location or a former job, is not unique to professional athletes.


Nine Illinois researchers selected for NCSA fellowships

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications has selected nine U. of I. researchers to receive NCSA fellowships with research support that will enable them to pursue collaborative projects with the researchers and computer technology experts at NCSA. Fellows play an important role at NCSA as the center implements its “big research, big data, big compute” strategy to develop long-term research activities addressing complex grand challenge-scale problems across science, engineering, humanities and the arts.