Brief: AIT offers faculty seminar

The Advanced Information Technologies Lab sponsors its second annual AIT
Faculty Seminar from May 20 through 24 in 202 Lincoln Hall. The focus of
this year's seminar will be the use of the Internet and the World Wide Web
for research and instruction.

Faculty members who wish to participate in the seminar, which is limited to
20 participants, should submit a brief (no more than two-page) application,
including a description of an instructional and/or research project
involving advanced information technologies which they would like to
undertake. Applications should be sent via electronic mail to and received by March 25. Participants will be
announced before the end of the second week in April.

Participants will spend five full working days at the seminar. Each will
receive a stipend of $500 to be deposited in the faculty member's
departmental account. Participants are expected to provide a progress
report on their projects during the fall semester, and also to share
information on their projects through the workshops, presentations, and
future faculty seminars of the AIT Lab.

The seminars include formal presentations, project demonstrations and
hands-on sessions. Presentations and demonstrations will be made by members
of the AIT Group, the Software Development Group of NCSA, and faculty
members in the humanities and social sciences with substantial experience
with advanced information technologies in their research and instructional
activities. Other than a familiarity with word processing and electronic
mail, no prior knowledge of information technologies will be assumed.
Instruction will take place exclusively on Macintosh computers, but
information about software running on DOS, Windows and UNIX platforms will
be included.

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1996/03-21-96