Job Market

The Office of Academic Human Resources, Suite 420, 807 S. Wright St.,
maintains the listings for faculty and academic professional positions.
More complete descriptions are available in that office during regular
business hours. Any other information may be obtained from the person
indicated in the listing.

Animal Sciences. Professor and head. PhD. in one discipline of animal
sciences with qualifications to justify tenure, international recognition
for contributions in research, resident and/or extension education.
Available immediately. D.L. Chicoine, 333-0460. Closing date: Dec. 15.

Anthropology. Faculty in Latina/o Studies (rank open). PhD. with
demonstrated teaching excellence. Available Aug. 21. Janet Dixon Keller,
333-3616. Closing date: Feb. 1.

Economics. Assistant professor (econometrics or international economics).
PhD. Available August. Marsha Hubert, 333-0120. Closing date: Dec. 5.

Economics. William Kinkead Distinguished Professorship in Economics. PhD.
with recognized level of accomplishment. Available August. Charles Kahn,
333-0120. Closing date: Dec. 5.

Geology. Assistant professor. PhD. Available August. Craig Bethke,
333-3369. Closing date: Dec. 8.

Government and Public Affairs, Institute of. Faculty (rank open), UIUC or
UIC, 2 positions. PhD in economics or closely related field. Available
August. Robert Resek, 333-3340. Closing date: Dec. 1.

Leisure Studies. Assistant, associate or full professor. Doctorate in
leisure studies or related field. Available Aug. 21. Lynn Barnett Morris,
333-4410. Closing date: Jan. 30.

Library. Classics librarian and assistant professor of library
administration. MLS with minimum 1 year's post-MLS experience, including
collection development. Available Nov. 21. Allen Dries, 333-5494. Closing
date: Nov. 10.

President, Office of the (Chicago). Chancellor. Doctorate, demonstrated
leadership ability, understanding of specialized mission of education and
patient care in academic health-science center. R. John Solaro, (312)
413-9097. Closing date: Dec. 31.

Psychology. Assistant professor. PhD. Available August. William Greenough,
333-4472. Closing date: Jan. 31.

Religion. Assistant professor. PhD. with promise of excellence as teacher
and scholar. $38,000. Available August. Robert McKim, 244-2657. Closing
date: Jan. 5.

Slavic Languages and Literatures. Lecturer (Russian). MA or ABD (PhD
preferred) with near-native fluency and experience in teaching American
students. Available August. Olga Soffer, 333-0680. Closing date: Jan. 15.

Sociology. Head and professor. PhD. with qualifications for appointment
with tenure. Available August. Fritz Drasgow c/o Paula Hays, 333-1350.
Closing date: Jan. 10.

Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Assistant professor (1 or 2 positions),
Spanish second-language acquisition/second-language teaching and/or Spanish
American literature. PhD. Available August. James Lee, 244-3250. Closing
date: Jan. 18.

Academic Professional
Administrative Information Systems and Services. Research programmer,
operations technical support. BS in computer science, information systems
or related field with minimum 2 years' operations experience and at least
one year's operations technical support experience. Available immediately.
Maxine Hayden, 244-5774. Closing date: Nov. 8.

Affirmative Action, Office of. Staff associate. Master's or equivalent
degree in a related field with 2 years' experience; experience handling
conflicts in human relationships; knowledge of AA-EEO principles and
procedures. Available immediately. Leslie Arvan, 333-0885. Closing date:
Oct. 25.

Allerton Park. Visiting assistant director of development (50 percent
appointment). BA/BS (MA/MS preferred) with ability to interpret the
history, natural environment and estate gardens of Robert Allerton Park
required; 3-5 years' relevant work experience desired. Minimum $15,000.
Available Dec. 1. Search Committee, 333-3205. Closing date: Nov. 1.

Beckman Institute. Research programmer. BA/BS with minimum 2 years' UNIX
relational database design/programming experience required. Available Nov.
20. Jamie Rimovsky, 244-8371. Extended closing date: Oct. 20.

Commerce and Business Administration, College of. Assistant director,
Career Placement Services. Bachelor's degree (master's preferred) with
minimum of 3 years of related experience and education in international
business or career services. Available immediately. Elizabeth Polak,
244-6140. Closing date: Oct. 20.

Commerce and Business Administration, College of. Associate director,
Career Placement Services. MBA or other master's degree with minimum 4
years' related experience in corporate or career services setting.
Available immediately. Elizabeth Polak, 244-6140. Closing date: Oct. 20.

Cooperative Extension Service. Extension assistant, computer programmer.
Bachelor's degree with 2 years' non-classroom experience in computer
programming and database management, creating new applications and
modifying existing programs, including experience in C. Available
immediately. Dan Cotton, 333-6095. Closing date: Nov. 6.

Cooperative Extension Service. Visiting extension assistants, Internet
education (2 positions). Bachelor's degree with experience with PCs, basic
software and hardware troubleshooting, e-mail, Gopher, WWW, searching
techniques. Available immediately. Dan Cotton, 333-6095. Closing date: Nov.

Cooperative Extension Service. Extension assistant, Computer Programming
Services. Bachelor's degree with 2 years' non-classroom experience in
programming, creating new applications and maintaining existing programs,
developing Windows-based applications in dBase, Paradox, Pascal, Bisal
BASIC or C++, experience with MS DOS microcomputers. Available immediately.
Dan Cotton, 333-6095. Closing date: Nov. 6.

Coordinated Science Lab. Research programmer, network and system
administrator. BS in electrical engineering, computer science or related
field with minimum 2 years' relevant experience, including 1 year of
managing UNIX system administration and network administration. Available
Nov. 8. Ginger Winckler, 333-2515. Closing date: Oct. 30.

Crop Sciences. Research specialist in agriculture, crop sciences. BS in
appropriate discipline (MS preferred) with experience in design, execution
and analysis of herbicide field trials, knowledge in the utilization of
computer herbicide database system, and experience in the use of
radioisotopes and separation chromatography (including GC and HPLC).
Available Jan. 1. D.A. Lee, 333-9479. Closing date: Nov. 15.

Electrical and Computer Engineering. Research scientist. PhD. in electrical
engineering or related field, experience using parallel computers,
proficiency in UNIX OS, FORTRAN, MATLAB, C. Available Nov. 20. W.C. Chew,
333-7309. Closing date: Nov. 10.

Human Resources, University Office of. Resource and policy analyst.
Master's degree in labor and industrial relations, management information
systems, business administration or related field with 2 years' experience,
including human resource theory and practice, experience with database
application programs. Nancy Barker, 244-4900. Closing date: Nov. 3.

Instructional Resources, Office of. Specialist in education. (50 percent
appointment). Master's degree in educational evaluation or measurement or
social science with a quantitative background. Available Nov. 15. Katherine
Ryan, 333-3490. Closing date: Oct. 25.

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Costume Shop manager. MA or MFA in
costume design and/or technology. Available July 15. J.B. Harris, 333-0245.
Closing date: Nov. 27.

Library and Information Science, Graduate School of. Research programmer.
BA (MA preferred) in computer science or related field with minimum of 2
years' relevant experience, knowledge of database management and graphical
display programming. Available immediately. Susan Harmon, 333-9812. Closing
date: Oct. 25.

McKinley Health Center. Staff physician. MD with valid Illinois license (or
eligibility) required. Minimum $80,000. Starting date negotiable. Cecile
Steinberg, 333- 2711. Closing date: when filled.

Press, UI. Marketing specialist. BA/BS required (MA/MS preferred), area of
advertising or communications preferred, with excellent communications
skills. $20,000-$25,000. Available immediately. David Perkins, 244-4931.
Closing date: Oct. 20.

Supercomputing Applications, National Center for. Research programmer,
software development. BS in computer science or related field, minimum 2
years' experience in a related area (5 years' preferred). Available
immediately. Staff Resource Center, search 4778, 244-4117. Closing date:
Nov. 3.

Supercomputing Applications, National Center for. Assistant director for
fiscal affairs. BA/BS in business administration, accounting or other
business-related field preferred (degree in another field with experience
in business and management may be acceptable) with 5 years' experience in
business and management including a thorough knowledge of accounting,
budget, finance, purchasing principles and practices, 3-5 years' experience
managing complex business system. Available immediately. Staff Resource
Center, search 4781. Closing date: Oct. 25.

University Development Information Systems. Manager of systems services.
Bachelor's degree with extensive experience in RPG application programming
and AS/400 support, minimum of 5 years' must be in a supervisory role.
Available immediately. Mary Hazen, 333-8697. Closing date: Oct. 30.

Personnel Services Office, 52 E. Gregory Drive, Champaign, conducts open
and continuous testing for Civil Service classifications used on campus.
More information is available by calling 333-2137.

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