Campus Parking to switch from stickers to hangtags July 1

All registration and rental permits for faculty and staff
members who park on campus will expire June 30.

That's nothing new. What is new, however, is that the
Division of Campus Parking and Transportation will no longer
issue registration stickers. The stickers will be replaced
with a single hangtag, which must be displayed on the rear-
view mirror of any registered vehicle parked in a UI lot.

The cost of registration will increase from $5 to $10 this
year. However, drivers will only need to purchase one
registration, regardless of the number of vehicles that
might be driven to campus.

Annual lot rental fees for 1995-96 also will increase - from
$198 to $225. The rate for employees who participate in the
carpool or remote shuttle parking programs remains at $30.

Beginning this year, for employees who choose the payroll
deduction method of paying for lot rentals, the $10
registration fee will be deducted as well. Those opting to
pay for lot rentals by check may register by mail if they
make their payments by May 12.

The following questions and answers about the new system
have been provided by Campus Parking and Transportation
personnel to help clarify new procedures. Additional
questions may be directed to them at 333-3530.

Q: Why did we change from stickers to hangtags?
     There are many reasons why we changed from window stickers
to hangtags. Most important is customer convenience. If you
borrow a car, you no longer will need to call our office.
Most people register more than one vehicle and now they only
have to pay for one registration. It also will eliminate
abuse of the system by people who register multiple vehicles
and illegally park a second car in the lot, which denies
space availability for other renters. By using the hangtag,
we are able to use bar codes that can be read with laser
readers and it will allow us to do electronic registration
as well.

Q: How do I register my vehicle this year?
     If you received renewal forms in the mail, and you want to
receive the hangtag by mail, you must return all
registration material to Campus Parking by May 12. Anyone
who is currently on payroll deduction simply needs to sign
the registration card and return it. If you are not on
payroll deduction, you need to sign the registration card
and return it with your payment. If you miss the May 12
deadline, the hangtags can be purchased over the counter
starting June 1.

Q: What do I do if I have more than one vehicle?
     This year, you will receive one hangtag. You must display
this hangtag in whatever car you are parking on Campus.

Q: What happens if my hangtag is lost or stolen?
     If a hangtag is lost or stolen, it should be reported to
Campus Parking as soon as possible. A police report will be
filed, and a replacement tag will be issued at the current
prorated price. (Example: If your tag is lost or stolen
after you have had it for two months, the replacement cost
will be the price for 10 months. )

Q: What happens if I forget my hangtag?
     We are aware that some people may forget to transfer their
hangtag when they drive a different vehicle. Each lot-rental
hangtag will come with two courtesy cards. These may be used
if you forget your hangtag and receive a citation. After the
cards are used, you will be responsible for any citations
issued. If your vehicle is towed, you will be responsible
for these charges as well.

Q: What do I do if my spouse doesn't rent but parks on campus?
     As a renter in a lot, you will receive one hangtag with your
registration and lot number on it. If your spouse is
employed by the university and wants to park at the meters,
he/she also will have to register a vehicle to obtain a
hangtag. If the spouse is not employed by the university,
he/she can obtain a Visitor Permit to use the meters.

Q: What else is new or in the planning stages at Campus Parking?
     We have been investigating new software that will allow us
to operate more efficiently with our current facilities.
This will enable us to provide the highest quality of
customer service.

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1995/05-04-95