Brief: Directory forms are due Sept. 1

Forms that address the following situations in the next edition of the
Student-Staff Directory are due Sept. 1 in the Office of Publications. 

Suppression: An employee who wants to withhold personal data (home address,
home telephone number and/or spouse's name) from the staff section of the
directory should submit a suppression form. Those who have submitted
suppression forms in previous years need not do so again; a suppression
request remains in effect until a reinstatement form is submitted.

Joint-appointments: A university employee who has more than one title can
have all appointments listed in the staff section of the directory by
submitting a joint-appointment form. 

Retirees: Because of federal legislation, the names of retired university
employees no longer will be released to the Office of Publications for
inclusion in the directory. Any retired employees who wish to be listed in
the directory must submit a retiree form.

All directory forms are available from the Office of Publications at 333-9200.

Employees for whom the above situations do not apply and who need to make
changes in their staff-section entries must do so through the Payroll
Division, B-6 Coble Hall.

UIUC -- Inside Illinois -- 1994/07-07-94