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252 faculty members, academic professionals retire

INSIDE ILLINOIS, Nov. 15, 2012   [ Email | Share ]

Between Aug. 16, 2011, and Aug. 15, 2012, 252 faculty members and academic professionals retired from the UI, according to the Office of Academic Human Resources. Those who retired during that time were honored last spring at the campus’s Academic Service Recognition Luncheon. Also honored were employees celebrating an employment milestone (10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years) during that time.

ACES Information Technology and Communication Services
Mary M. Avelis, network analyst, 19
David K. Wilson, media communication specialist, 12

Academic Human Resources
Cheryl Y. Hahn, associate director, 34

Academic Outreach
Kenneth W. Gustin, assistant head of operations, 18

Academic Programs and Services (University Administration)
Warren W. Osborne, project technical coordinator for Illinois, 5

Clifton E. Brown, interim and associate head of accountancy, director of Professional Programs and the H.T. Scovill Professor, 33

Administrative Information Technology Services
Starr A. Dalton, service support coordinator, 30
Elizabeth R. Miles, Enterprise systems specialist, 13
Rosemary Northrup, data security specialist, 21
Theresa M. Pfoff, software engineer, 31
Marcia L. Tarvin, help desk system support specialist, 29
Patricia A. Tuchman, Enterprise systems specialist, 34
M.R. Wieties, business intelligence architecture coordinator, 33

Jerome Juska, visiting instructor, 3

Agricultural and Consumer Economics
John B. Braden, professor emeritus, 33
Margaret Rosso Grossman, Bock Chair in Agricultural Law Emerita, 32

Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, College of (administration)
Hans-Peter M. Blaschek, interim assistant dean of Biobased Research Initiatives, interim director of the Center for Advanced BioEnergy Research, professor and Institute for Genomic Biology professor, 32
E.L. Rogers, visiting senior director of advancement, 14
Alison B. Schmulbach, executive assistant dean for administration, 28

Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Steven Eckhoff, professor of agricultural engineering, 24

Animal Sciences
Joseph L. Beverly, professor, 16
Dan B. Faulkner, professor, 29

Janet D. Keller, associate dean, curator and professor, 35

Paul J. Armstrong, associate professor, 26
Donald F. Fournier, chair of the Building Research Council and a research specialist in sustainable planning and design, 11
Michael T. McCulley, associate professor, 33

Art and Design
Anne D. Hedeman, professor and campus honors faculty member, 29
Timothy J. Hickey, coordinator instructor resources, 33
Ronald R. Kovatch, professor, 23
Timothy J. Van Laar, professor, 31

Aviation, Institute of
Joanne M. Tschopp, assistant aviation education specialist, 34

Beckman Institute
See-Wing Chiu, research programmer, 26
James Farrar, research programmer, 11

Biotechnology Center
Kathleen A. Brinkmann, career service director, 14
William P. Hanafin, research specialist, 22
Bernard Montez, senior research specialist, 34

Board of Trustees/Secretary Office
Michele M. Thompson, secretary of the UI board of trustees and secretary of the university, 26

Bureau of Educational Research
Anne S. Robertson, coordinator of the Office of School-University Research Relations, 16

Business Administration
John W. Kindt, professor, 34
J.E.L. Miller, coordinator of graduate education program, 14

Business, College of (development)
Ruth Yontz, teaching associate, 26

Business, College of (administration)
John H. Hedeman, assistant dean, 9

Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois
Kathy K. Chang, senior research programmer, 23
Mary Ellen Farrell, library system coordinator, 30
Anne Hudson, application support specialist, 16

Campus Information Technology and Educational Services
Panit P. Lisy, executive director, 29
Dale J. Smoes, manager of project planning and design, 27

Campus Honors Program
Carolyn M. Allen, assistant director for operations, 26

Center for Teaching Excellence
Jane M. Alsberg, specialist in education, 19

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Charles F. Zukoski, the J. and W. Lycan Professor and a professor in the Materials Research Lab, 27

Alexander Scheeline, professor, 31
Patricia A. Shapley, professor, 26
Andrzej Wieckowski, professor, 27
Christine T. Yerkes, lecturer and director of the General Chemistry Program, 31

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Robert H. Dodds, professor and the M.T. Geoffrey Yeh Chair, 27
Edwin E. Herricks, professor emeritus, 36
Donald R. Uzarski, visiting lecturer, 17

William M. Calder, professor and the William Abbott Oldfather Professor, 24

Chief Information Officer, Office of the
Michael A. Grady, senior technology architect and strategist, 36
Mona B. Heath, executive program officer, IT governance, 19

Comparative Biosciences
Steven P. Fay, instructional lab specialist, 24

Computer Science
Laura H. Baylor, academic adviser, 30
Michael T. Heath, the Fulton Watson Copp Chair, director of the Computational Science and Engineering Program and the Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets, 21
Teresa F. Schurg, senior research programmer, Technology Services Group, 29

Council on Teacher Education
Margaret E. Jerich, assistant director for accreditation, 10

Crop Sciences
Ralph W. Esgar, agronomist, 29
Michael J. Plewa, campus honors faculty member and professor 38
Randy B. Rogers, research specialist in agriculture, 18
William H. Shoemaker, senior research specialist in agriculture, 30
Ram J. Singh agronomist, 29
Charles A. Smyth, manager of system services, 22
Elizabeth D. Wagner, research specialist in life sciences, 36

Curriculum and Instruction
Sharon Baroody, head project teacher, 9
Janice Sherbert, adjunct lecturer, 11

Dean of Students, Office of the
Ruth F. McCauley, associate dean of students, 18

Division of Management Information
Carol J. Livingstone, director and associate provost for management information, 29

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Ronald P. Toby, professor, 34

Education Policy, Organization and Leadership
Jeanne M. Connell, assistant professor, 24
Deborah Richie, executive assistant dean and adjunct assistant professor, 24

Education, College of (administration)
Mildred V. Trent, assistant dean for diversity, access and academic affairs, 28

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Narendra Ahuja, the Willett Professor of Engineering, professor in the Beckman Institute, the Coordinated Science Lab and the Information Trust Institute, 33
Shun L. Chuang, the MacClinchie Distinguished Professor and professor in the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory, 29
William D. O'Brien, the Willett Professor of Engineering, professor in the Beckman Institute and the Coordinated Science Laboratory, 37
John R. Tucker, professor and professor in the Coordinated Science Laboratory, 31
Benjamin W. Wah, research professor for the Information Trust Institute, 26
Jianhua Zhang, lecturer, 26

Energy Services
Fred H. Koss, engineer, 15

Engineering, College of (administration)
Eve E. Earles, recruiting and retention coordinator, 8
Michael C. Hirschi, assistant dean and professor emeritus, 27
Tina M. Prow, director of engineering publications, 25
Mary J. Yeazel, senior assistant director of Engineering Career Services, 27

Richard S. Powers, a Swanlund Endowed Chair and writer-in-residence, 20

Facilities and Services
Guy T. Christopher, network support specialist, 24
Clark E. Wise, director of construction management, director of technology services, 29

Virginia G. France, academic adviser and assistant professor, 24

Fine and Applied Arts, College of (administration)
Marilou A. Hinrichs, research programmer, 26
Mary E. O'Shaughnessey, executive assistant dean, 35

Fire Service Institute
Gregory A. Fisher, assistant fire education specialist, 32

Food Science and Human Nutrition
William E. Artz, associate professor, 28
Mary S. Brewer, professor emerita, 23
Bruce M. Chassy, professor, 23
Heather J. Mangian, senior research specialist in life sciences, 33

H. Adlai Murdoch, associate professor, 16

Craig M. Bethke, the Ralph E. Grim professor, 28
Chu-Yung Chen, associate professor and director of educational affairs, 30

Genomic Biology, Institute for
Timothy P. Kerestes, director of operations and facilities, 27

Government and Public Affairs, Institute of
J. Fred Giertz, professor, 32

Mark H. Leff, associate professor and campus honors faculty member, 26
Evan M. Melhado, associate professor, 38

Human and Community Development
Donna J. Olson-Armstrong, media communication specialist, 19

Illinois Informatics Institute
Robert E. McGrath, software developer, 20

Illinois Natural History Survey
Carolyn Nixon, education and outreach specialist, 25

Illinois Public Media
David K. Inge, creative specialist, 36
Jay H. Pearce, director of created content, 14
Denise M. Perry, broadcast research-operations specialist, 20
Celeste M. Quinn-Inge, creative specialist, 32
Rita M. Schulte, director of membership marketing, 31
Harriet Williamson, broadcast research-operations specialist, 12

Illinois State Geological Survey
Michael L. Barnhardt, senior geologist, 9
Debra A. Griest, assistant director for administrative services, 15
John P. Grube, petroleum geologist, 12
Keith C. Hackley, head and senior geochemist, 32
David G. Morse, head and senior petroleum geologist, 9
Cheryl K. Nimz, managing technical editor, 12
Richard J. Rice, associate geologist, 9

Illinois State Water Survey
Mark J. Belding, research programmer, 20
Mark D. Brooks, chemist, Institutional Water Treatment field service, 29
Yi Han, sediment chemist, 22
Steven D. Hilberg, director of the Midwestern Regional Climate Center, 21
Sofia Lazovsky, chemist, 21
Kent W. Smothers, head of the Center for Chemistry and Technology, chemist, 31
H. Allen Wehrmann, head of the Center for Groundwater Science, 29
William P. White, geomorphologist, 10

Institutional Review Board
Susan J. Keehn, director, 7

Intercollegiate Athletics, Division of
Dana M. Brenner, assistant director, 32
J.S. Greene, associate athletic director for research development and senior development director, 21
Sandra J. Long, coordinator of data and financial management, 31
Alan R. Martindale, head athletic trainer, lecturer, 29
Steven L. Murray, network analyst, 30

Krannert Art Museum
Kathleen M. Jones, research curator, 33

Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of (administration)
Holly B. Korab, senior director of communications and marketing, 25
Lucille S. Rich, assistant dean, 26
Joan V. Tousey, associate dean for advancement, 18
Carol D. Wakefield, director of budget and resource planning, 29

Landscape Architecture
David A. Kovacic, associate professor, 25

Tina E. Chrzastowski, division coordinator, physical sciences, chemistry librarian and professor of library administration, 25
Alfred Kagan, professor of library administration, African studies bibliographer, 20
Kathleen A. Newman, associate professor, biotechnology librarian, 11
Diane C. Schmidt, professor of library administration, biology librarian, 22
Mary P. Stuart, professor and history and philosophy librarian, 35
Bruce W. Swann, associate professor and classics librarian, 26

Library and Information Science, Graduate School of
Ann P. Bishop, associate professor, 20

Library (administration)
Margaret E. Steele, senior manager, information technology production services, 15

Materials Research Lab
Ernest A. Sammann, principal research engineer, 40

Materials Science and Engineering
Terri L. Brantley, visiting business and finance specialist, 15
John M. Bukowski, coordinator of instructional labs, 22

A.J. Hildebrand, professor, 26
Kathleen R. Smith, instructor, 7
Debra J. Woods, lecturer and director of Netmath program, 23

McKinley Health Center
David P. Lawrance, assistant director of clinical services, clinical assistant professor and staff physician, 33

Mechanical Science and Engineering
David A. Hamman, director, Center for Business Development, 7
Michael L. Philpott, associate professor and acting associate head for undergraduate programming, 22
Surya P. Vanka, professor, 24

Media and Cinema Studies
Ivy Glennon, assistant professor, 32
John C. Nerone, communication scholar, director of graduate studies, research professor, 29

Medical Microbiology
Abigail A. Salyers, the Center for Advanced Studies professor of microbiology and Institute for Genomic Biology professor, 35

Medicine, College of (administration)
Diana A. Dummitt, associate director of advancement, 24
Mary K. Mortland, instructor, 14

Charles G. Miller, professor, 21
Jun Kai Zhang, research specialist, 20

Minority Student Affairs
Otis G. Williams, assistant dean of students, 28

Molecular and Integrative Physiology
Rhanor Gillette, professor and Institute for Genomic Biology professor, 34
Elzbieta Skorupa, senior research biologist, 28

Thomas R. Turino, professor, 25

National Center for Supercomputing Applications
George A. Estes, multimedia technology specialist, 27
Robert A. Fiedler, technical program manager, 31
Edee N. Wiziecki, assistant director, 12

Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Robert G. Darmody, professor of pedology, 31

Office of Business and Financial Services

University Office of Capital Programs and Real Estate Services
Dennis L. McConaha, associate director, 15
Martha I. Morgan, staff associate, 23

David A. Woodbury, assistant director of project management, 10

Office of the Senior Associate Vice President for Business and Finance
Douglas E. Beckmann, deputy comptroller and senior associate vice president for business and finance, 25
John W. Tolar, assistant vice president for administrative services, 32

Purchasing (Urbana)
Catherine J. Reisner, senior associate director of purchasing, 25

University Accounting and Financial Reporting
Janice K. Gill, assistant controller of university accounting services, 34
Roger O. Wade, business and financial coordinator, 27

Online and Continuing Education, Office of
Douglas J. Brewer, interim director and professor, 28

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Kathleen A. Holden, visiting director, 30

Mariangela Segre, professor and director of graduate studies, 44

Robert Dantzer, professor, 26

Susan C. Lansky-Shafer, clinical associate professor 26
Daniel L. Picchietti, clinical associate professor, 25

Byron W. Kemper, professor, department head and professor of physiology, 38

Robert C. Cummins, professor, 7
Arthur Melnick, professor, 41

Gary E. Gladding, 41
Thomas J. Miller, research associate professor, 33

Plant Biology
Beth A. Morgan, coordinator of multidisciplinary instructional laboratory, 17

President, Office of the
Williams D. Adams, associate chancellor, 22

Denise D. Cummins, adjunct professor, 6
Paul E. Gold, professor and Institute for Genomic Biology professor, 12
Katherine C. Hatch, director of budget and resource planning, 18

Recreation, Sport and Tourism
Bruce E. Wicks, associate professor, 22

Registrar, Office of the
Carol E. Malmgren, registrar, 19
Barbara K. Wood, assistant registrar, 35

R.V. Pandharipande, campus honors faculty member, professor of Sanskrit, 39

Shirley J. Hatchett, associate professor, 20

Special Education
Janet S. Gaffney, adjunct professor and professor, 25
Margaret M. Patten, research information specialist, 14
Laurel P. Preece, media communications specialist, 26
John S. Trach, associate professor, 28

Speech and Hearing Science
Nicoline G. Ambrose, associate head and professor, 26
Adrienne L. Perlman, head, professor and adjunct professor, 19

Sponsored Programs and Research Administration, Office of
Penny K. Weaver, associate director of strategic initiatives and interim co-director, 17

Staff Human Resources
Dorothy R. Carlson, business and finance specialist, 24
Sheryl A. Hembrey, assistant director for budget and resource planning, 32
Laverne M. Musselman, assistant to the director (finances), 28

Ditlev Monrad, associate professor emeritus, 33

Student Financial Aid
Susan H. Dickey, assistant director, 29
Fawnie M. Honea, student financial aid administrator, 25
Victor E. Martinez, associate director, 24
James A. Neilson, management methods analyst, 15

UI Bands
Lucinda J. Lawrence, assistant to the director of bands and librarian, 18

UI Extension
Karen M. Chan, extension educator, family and consumer economics, 19
Rhonda I. Hardy, extension educator, community economic development III, 19
Denise F. Kistner, county extension director III, 27
Vietfen V. Kuo, extension educator, youth development II, 11
Gregory P. LaPlante, network administrator, 14
Sandra L. McGhee, extension educator, youth development I, 13
Lynnette Mensah, extension educator, family and consumer science II, 10
David J. O'Brien, extension adviser, Farm Bureau Farm Management Association, 32
Jacqueline E. Wilson, extension educator, family and consumer science, 10

UI Foundation
James C. Schroeder, senior vice president and vice chancellor for institutional advancement, 4

UI Online
Iris K. Stovall, director of instructor development and support, 30

Undergraduate Admissions
Martin J. Johnson, system engineer, 13

University Laboratory High School
Susan M. Kovacs, assistant director, 10

University Outreach and Public Service
William Sutton, regional program director, 25

University Press
Barbara S. Evans, media communication specialist, 17
William L. Ridenour, technical programmer specialist, 9

Urban and Regional Planning
Tschangho J. Kim, endowed professor, 36

Vice Chancellor for Research, Office of the
Richard W. Covington, research information specialist, 24
Ali A. Mirarefi, director of international research partnerships, 25
Thomas R. Shaw, business operations specialist, 24

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Office of the
Deborah K. Knight, assistant to the director, 12

Veterinary Clinical Medicine
Cathy L. Greenfield, associate professor, 23

Veterinary Medicine, College of (administration)
Diane M. Lynn, management methods analyst, 21
Richard M. Mahan, management methods analyst, 18





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