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JUNE 04, 2009 VOL. 28 NO. 21
Building a playground
Photo courtesy
Bruce Wicks

Play Station

Student and faculty volunteers from the UI’s East St. Louis Action Research Project teamed with volunteers from KaBOOM!, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and the East St. Louis community on May 15 to build a playground in the Illinois city’s Virginia Park.

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Xiuling Li and Seth Fortuna

Self-assembled nanowires could make chips smaller and faster

Researchers at the UI have found a new way to make transistors smaller and faster. The technique uses self-assembled, self-aligned, and defect-free nanowire channels made of gallium arsenide.

Martin Gruebele

Faster protein folding achieved through nanosecond pressure jump

A new method to induce protein folding by taking the pressure off of proteins is up to 100 times faster than previous methods, and could help guide more accurate computer simulations for how complex proteins fold, according to research by a team of UI scientists accepted for publication in the journal Nature Methods and posted on the journal’s Web site May 31.

RIchard Kaplan

Contracts adding legal twist to family health care

Financial contracts to care for sick or aging relatives – nearly unthinkable just a decade ago – are drawing new interest as everyday Americans wrestle with the time and expense of providing long-term health care, a UI legal expert says.

Rachel Whitaker

Geographic isolation drives the evolution of a hot springs microbe

Sulfolobus islandicus, a microbe that can live in boiling acid, is offering up its secrets to researchers hardy enough to capture it from the volcanic hot springs where it thrives. In a new study, researchers report that populations of S. islandicus are more diverse than previously thought, and that their diversity is driven largely by geographic isolation.

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JAne Barham during emergency drill

Emergency exercise tests campus preparedness

On the morning of June 2, instead of summer campers practicing their layups and free throws, the floor of Assembly Hall was filled with medical workers there for a different type of exercise.

Matthew HElm

New system to make HR transactions easier to make and track

A new Web interface for the human resource module of the Banner software system is expected to make it easier for users to execute and track HR transactions as well as enhance data integrity, improve user satisfaction and reduce operating costs. The system will be used at all three campuses.

Trustees approve Global Campus restructuring

At its May 21 meeting in Chicago, the UI Board of Trustees unanimously passed a resolution to restructure Global Campus, the university’s online degree program.

UI's Literary Arts Magazine, Ninth Letter

Award-winning literary arts journal’s look created by students

Ninth Letter is a mere youngster, but it’s growing up fast – and growing its reputation even faster. Now in its fifth year, with 10 issues published, the literary arts journal produced collaboratively by the UI’s Creative Writing Program and School of Art and Design receives 3,000 to 4,000 submissions per year. In its short lifetime, the journal has won more than 20 national and international awards. .