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July 16, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 2)
Allie Urbanik, right, a third-year veterinary student who is co-manager of the Wildlife Medical Clinic, and Meghan Armstrong, an undergraduate student who volunteers at the clinic, prepare a red-tailed hawk to be returned to the wild June 19. The hawk was released near Memorial Stadium where it had been discovered on June 2, dehydrated and suffering from a parasitic infection. For more than two weeks, clinic volunteers treated the infection and provided other supportive care leading to the hawk’s recovery.

Photo by
L. Brian Stauffer

Dance mix
Kemal Nance performs and teaches an African dance technique called Umfundalai. Created 45 years ago, it combines traditional African dance with Afro-Caribbean and contemporary African-American dance. Full story

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Campus’s history of support of disabled paved way for ADA

Twenty-five years ago this month, President George H.W. Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act. Twenty-five years before that, the U. of I. was at the forefront of the movement to improve conditions and access for students with disabilities – and had been doing it for nearly two decades.

noted constitutional law scholar named dean of U. of I. College of Law

Vikram Amar, the senior associate dean for academic affairs and a professor of law at the University of California at Davis School of Law, has been named dean of the University of Illinois College of Law, pending approval by the U. of I. Board of Trustees at its July 23 meeting in Chicago.

Agreement puts new medical school on solid ground

It was just March when the U. of I. Board of Trustees approved the idea of partnering with Carle Health System to create an engineering-centered, Urbana-based college of medicine.

NCSA to host realistic simulation research for Caterpillar

Caterpillar Inc. announced last month it will collaborate with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications to conduct high-performance computing projects focused on more realistic simulations that can lead to improved product designs.

Background check policy extended to all new campus hires

University Human Resources officials say a new background check policy will meet campus privacy expectations even as it offers new tools for identifying potentially inappropriate job candidates.

Change allows out-of-state civil service hiring

University officials hope a bill expanding the U. of I.’s hiring capability that is awaiting the governor’s signature is the first of many positive developments that could lead to less-restrictive State University Civil Service System rules.

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Genomics to surpass the biggest data producers, experts warn

Each cell in the body contains a whole genome, yet the data packed into a few DNA molecules could fill a hard drive. As more people have their DNA sequenced, that data will require massive computational and storage capabilities beyond anything previously anticipated, says a new assessment from computational biologists and computer scientists at the University of Illinois and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Access to big data is crucial for credibility of computational research findings

Think of a scientist at work, and you might picture someone at a lab bench, doing a physical experiment involving beakers or petri dishes and recording his or her findings, which will eventually form the basis for a scientific paper.

Snake fungal disease parallels white-nose syndrome in bats

A deadly fungal infection afflicting snakes is eerily similar to the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome in bats, researchers report.

What's in your landscape? Plants can alter West Nile virus risk

A new study looks at how leaf litter in water influences the abundance of Culex pipiens mosquitoes, which can transmit West Nile virus to humans, domestic animals, birds and other wildlife.

Study: Restaurant meals can be as bad for your waistline as fast food is

When Americans go out to eat, either at a fast-food outlet or a full-service restaurant, they consume, on average, about 200 more calories a day than when they stay home for meals, a new study reports. They also take in more fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium than those who prepare and eat their meals at home.


Astronomer Charles Gammie: A Close-UP Look at Pluto

On July 14, NASA’s New Horizons probe flew by Pluto on its way to the Kuiper Belt in the outer solar system, giving scientists the first up-close look at the dwarf planet. Prior to the event, Charles Gammie, a U. of I. professor of astronomy and physics, talked with News Bureau physical sciences editor Liz Ahlberg about Pluto’s close encounter.