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New method helps map species' genetic heritage

Birds find their place in the avian tree of life

Now researchers can see how unfolded proteins move in the cell

Five Illinois scholars awarded NEH Fellowships

Low-crime, walkable neighborhoods promote mental health in older Latinos

U.S. House rules about much more than housekeeping

New journal looks at significance of research on the Black Death

Japan House selling gifts items at Holiday Bazaar

Study: Different species share a 'genetic toolkit' for behavioral traits

U. of I. guide helps holiday shoppers choose gift books for children


Six Illinois faculty elected AAAS fellows

Model evaluates where bioenergy crops grow best

Women with serious mental illness less likely to receive cancer screenings

Entomology professor May Berenbaum receives National Medal of Science

Not all baseball stars treated equally in TV steroid coverage, says study of network news

Long work hours for moms mean less sleep, higher BMI's for preschoolers

Teens who mature early at greater risk of depression, study says

Discrimination, family conflict key sources of stress for Latina immigrants

New book explores the legacies of sculptor Lorado Taft

Microtubes create cozy space for neurons to grow, and grow fast

Some plants regenerate by duplicating their DNA

New book examines the missions, challenges of two-year colleges

Social support critical to women's weight-loss efforts, study finds

Illinois researchers develop social sensing game to detect classroom bullies

Teaching and Research are a Potent Educational Mix, Say U. of I. Faculty in a New Book


Mabokela tapped to lead international affairs and global strategies

Study: Climate change beliefs more influenced by long-term temperature fluctuations

Boys who bully peers more likely to engage in sexual harassment

New film honors Native American activist Carlos Montezuma

Sculpting solar systems: Magnetic fields seen for first time

Paper: Resource misallocation contributed to prolonged economic slump in Portugal

Team discovers how microbes build a powerful antibiotic

Study: Many in U.S. have poor nutrition, with the disabled doing worst

Flu at the zoo and other disasters: Experts help animal exhibitors prepare for the worst

Watching 3-D videos of trees helps people recover from stress, researchers say

Built-in-billboards: Male bluefin killifish signal different things with different fins

Less-numerate investors swayed by style, presentation effects of corporate responsibility reports

Expert on language delays to give annual Goldstick Lecture

Rivers flow differently over gravel beds, study finds

Long list of activities set for U. of I.'s 2014 Homecoming Week

Labor expert: Hospitals at risk of no-show health care workers during Ebola outbreak

Passes for 2015 Roger Ebert's Film Festival go on sale Nov. 1

Chamber music series to blend visual arts, music at Krannert Art Museum

Educator using animated cartoons to reshape geometry instruction

Charged graphene gives DNA a stage to perform molecular gymnastics

Eduation historian James D. Anderson to deliver Brown lecture in Washington, D.C.

International video exhibition and Japanese vampire film coming to Krannert Art Museum

Study: Talking while driving safest with someone who can see what you see

Teen gaming addicts may wind up physically healthier as young adults, study says

Trails, pickleball popular with Illinois fitness enthusiasts, survey says

U. of I. professor named to U.S. Census Bureau advisory committee

Entomology professor May Berenbaum awarded National Medal of Science

Study: Big-headed ants grow bigger when faced with fierce competitors

Bioenergy crops could store more carbon in soil


In stickleback fish, dads influence offspring behavior and gene expression

Illinois professors find that ethnicity doesn't appear to affect annexation decisions like race does

Urbana campus faculty members named University Scholars

Scientists discover a new role for estrogen in the pathology of breast cancer

After-school exercise program enhances cognition in 7-, 8- and 9-year-olds

Health lessons provided by interactive media easier for youth to swallow

Study: Spirituality, not religion, is critical to black women's well-being

Gender, social orientation affect children's reactions to bullying

Search for better biofuels microbes leads to the human gut

Study: Antifreeze proteins in Antarctic fishes prevent freezing...and melting

U.S. hotels need to better understand Chinese travelers' culture, goals, study says

Benefits of telecommuting greater for some workers, study finds

Study links physical activity in older adults to brain white-matter integrity

Intrigue, power struggles and genuine doubt all found in the Facebook of Egypt's revolution

Illinois engineer wins MacArthur fellowship

Sinfonia da Camera announces its 31st season

Pygmalion Literary Festival features award-winning authors

10-day numbers at Illinois show record average test scores

Banked blood grows stiffer with age, study finds

Uninsured community college students in Illinois confused about Obamacare, study says

Seatbelt laws encourage obese drivers to buckle up

Illinois professors and students study community resilience around polluted waterways


Workers in collective bargaining states subsidize low-wage earners in right-to-work states

Seven Graduate Students Awarded Prestigious NDSEG Fellowships

Chancellor's Scholars named to campus honors program

Federal stimulus fails to protect college affordability, study finds

Study: Earth can sustain more terrestrial plant growth than previously thought

Paper: To deter cyberattacks, build a public-private partnership

A glucose meter of a different color provides continuous monitoring

Research: Tax benefits for housing not as outsized as previously thought

Illinois department of dance partners with Art Theater Co-Op to present Dance Film Fest

Many solve civil justice problems on their own, rarely involving attorneys, says study

Illinois campus commemorates the centenary of WWI with events for the entire community

Physically fit kids have beefier brain white matter than their less-fit peers

Studies explore sexual risk-taking among women travelers

Study suggests hatha yoga boosts brain function in older adults

Faculty art and four WWI-themed exhibitions open at Krannert Art Museum

New material could enhance fast and accurate DNA sequencing

Patent examiners more likely to approve marginal inventions when pressed for time

Study examines role of school culture in promoting bullying, bystander intervention

Cell mechanics may hold key to how cancer spreads and recurs

Researchers boost insect aggression by altering brain metabolism


Returning troops and their families have work to do after the reunion, researcher says

Decades-old amber collection offers new views of an ancient world

Expert: Give ex-players a slight edge in O'Bannon case

Team studies the social origins of intelligence in the brain

'Big picture' thinking doesn't always lead people to indulge less, study says

Radio frequency ID tags on honey bees reveal hive dynamics

Stem cells aid muscle repair and strengthening after resistance exercise

Scientists track gene activity when honey bees do and don't eat honey

Team studies immune response of Asian elephants infected with a human disease

Scientists gear up to fight deadly snake fungal disease

Sexual harassment and assault are common on scientific field studies, survey indicates

Research: Business should embrace 'boomerang employees'

Learning to "just say no" is not a panacea for minorities with alcohol, drug problems

May 2014 graduates, Dean's List and Bronze Tablet honorees named

Study: NCAA eventually prevails in most student-athlete lawsuits

FMC Technologies, Inc., fellowships awarded to U. of I. graduate students

Avery Brundage scholarships awarded to 16 at U. of I.

Shrinky Dinks close the gap for nanowires


Muscle-powered bio-bots walk on command

llinois chemist named Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor

U. of I. Library exhibition to showcase cataloger's extraordinary collection of crochet-related arts

People with tinnitus process emotions differently from their peers, researchers report

Sarah T. Lubienski named interim dean of the U. of I. Graduate College

Allerton Music Barn Festival this fall to offer wide variety of music, musicians and styles

Interim dean of Graduate School of Library and Information Science named dean of the school

Fritz Drasgow named dean of U. of I. School of Labor and Employment Relations

Thirteen U. of I. students and recent alumni offered Fulbright grants

History of Illinois music, Canadian Brass highlight annual summer concert series

Analytic method uncovers pranksters who tamper with surveys

University of Illinois students awarded more than $50,000 in Gilman scholarships for study abroad

Case Western Reserve University executive to be next chief information officer at Illinois

Drones give farmers eyes in the sky to check on crop progress

Palmer amaranth threatens Midwest farm economy, researchers report

Brain signals link physical fitness to better language skills in children

Illinois mechanical science and engineering professor wins Humboldt Prize

Study: Hurricanes with female names more deadly than male-named storms


For the first time in the lab, researchers see stem cells take initial step toward development

Paper: Police reform law underenforced by Department of Justice

Intuitions about the causes of rising obesity are often wrong, researchers report

Ability to finish college - especially for blacks - affected by family debt, new study suggests

Cognitive test can differentiate between Alzheimer's and normal aging

Leisure activities stressful for working adults with disabilities, study finds

Education by animation: Videos reaching tens of thousands of Ethiopian farmers

Making better medicines with a handful of chemical building blocks

Intellectual property expert on pending Supreme Court cases

Expert: Supreme Court decisions on patent cases a rebuke to 'baseless lawsuits'

Genetic study helps resolve years of speculation about first people in the Americas

Moms and Dads associations name 2014 scholarship, award winners

Regenerating plastic grows back after damage

Barbara J. Wilson named dean of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at University of Illinois

As CO2 levels rise, some crop nutrients will fall

GaitTrack app makes cellphone a medical monitor for heart and lung patients

Three Illinois students win Boren scholarships to study languages abroad

Study: Mothers raising children with autism prone to depression, stress

University of Illinois commencement ceremony to take place May 17 at Memorial Stadium

Marching Illini chosen to appear in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2015

John D. Colombo named interim dean of U. of I. College of Law

Casualties get scant attention in wartime news, with little change since World War I


New public database designed to aid study of ethnic and religious strife worldwide

Income inequality partially driven by tax laws, University of Illinois expert says

U. of I. Library's Project Unica preserves books so rare they exist in only one copy

Nutrition, exercise program puts students on the path to good health

Faculty and staff members honored for excellence at Illinois

Altruistic adolescents less likely to become depressed, new study suggests

Three Illinois professors elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Illinois dance professor Jennifer Monson receives Doris Duke Impact Award

Expert: Next 15 years is 'crunch time' for climate change

Capital gains tax 'locks in' investors, increases likelihood of opposition to fund management

Multi-target TB drug could treat other diseases, evade resistance

Study recalculates cost of combination vaccines

Potent, puzzling and (now less) toxic: Team discovers how anti-fungal drug works

Five Illinois professors named Guggenheim Fellows

Rabbits kept indoors could be vitamin D deficient

Goldwater scholarship winners announced by University of Illinois

More than 20 percent of middle school students experience inappropriate touching, study says

Labor relations expert:The NCAA prefers labor strife to an antitrust lawsuit

Aspiring scientists learning to translate their research into language public understands

Six academic professionals honored for excellence

Scientists say new computer model amounts to a lot more than a hill of beans

Expert on 'Global Hinduism' to deliver this year's Thulin Lecture at Illinois

Astronaut Michael S. Hopkins, a U. of I. alumnus, to be Commencement speaker


Research shows link between states’ personalities and their politics

Team finds a better way to grow motor neurons from stem cells

Noted conductor Andrew Megill to lead choral activities at Illinois

Restored Alma Mater sculpture to return to U. of I. Campus on April 9

New book tells the story of a little-known volcano's global impact

U. of I. student wins Doris Duke Fellowship to promote Child Well-Being

Ebert documentary, Spike Lee and Oliver Stone all part of 2014 'Ebertfest'

Swing voters hold more sway over candidates on economic issues

Paper: Raise state minimum wage to stimulate Illinois economy

Autism signs can be identified earlier than formerly thought, study suggests

Saxophonists conference brings in both jazz and classical stars

Success of new bug-fighting approach may vary from field to field

Book explores educational value of religion in public schools

Most U.S. infant death rates not likely to fall enough to meet goal

Question of race not simple for Mexican Americans, author says

Team models photosynthesis and finds room for improvement

Expert: Proposed change to discovery rules a potential ‘game-changer’

Native American city on the Mississippi was America's first 'melting pot'

Illinois students plan sustainable homes for tornado-ravaged Gifford


Biomass industry needs to prepare for water constraints

New e-book explores intersection of poverty and the marketplace

Journalist Hedrick Smith to address the demise of the 'American Dream'

One gene influences recovery from traumatic brain injury

'Bad cholesterol' indicates an amino acid deficiency, researcher says

Soy supplements with isoflavones 'reprogram' breast cancer cells

Team converts sugarcane to a cold-tolerant, oil-producing crop

Study looks at what older people think causes hypertension

Three faculty members awarded 2014 Sloan Fellowships

August and December 2013 graduates, Dean's List honorees named

Perception of job insecurity results in lower use of workplace programs

Pesticides take center stage at this year's Insect Fear Film Festival

U. of I. Senior wins Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Plastic shopping bags make a fine diesel fuel, researchers report

Advanced techniques yield new insights into ribosome self-assembly

Schools' citizenship courses failing in their civic mission, experts say

Illinois art history professor was one of the 'Monuments Men'

Illinois professor elected to National Academy of Engineering

New evidence shows increase in obesity may be slowing, but not by much

Off-the-shelf materials lead to self-healing polymers


Renowned scientist Gene E Robinson to deliver CAS Lecture

Design professors use native fibers, farm waste to make sustainable paper

Intuitive number games boost children's math performance

3-D imaging provides window into living cells, no dye required

U. of I. honors Roger Ebert with Lifetime Journalism Achievement Award

Cultural sensitivity necessary for global business leaders, scholar says

No-till soybean fields give (even some rare) birds a foothold in Illinois

Tiny swimming bio-bots boldly go where no bot has swum before

Experts offer ways to head off challenging behaviors in young children

Documentary based on Roger Ebert's memoir to be shown at 'Ebertfest'

Research: ‘Sourcing hub’ could help create more efficient supply chain

Narcissism - to a point - can make a more effective leader, researchers find

Mellon grant to involve 15 schools and focus on 'Global Midwest'

Guerrilla Girls invade Krannert Art Museum in January

One species, two outcomes: Team seeks source of body louse pathology

Illinois professor Lane Martin earns presidential early career award

William T. Greenough, an early explorer of brain plasticity, dies at 69

Of lice and men (and chimps): Study tracks pace of molecular evolution

Quasars illuminate swiftly swirling clouds around galaxies

Repealing prevailing wage law would weaken state economy, study says